• Company profile

      No.1 blood bag manufacturer in China

      Tianhe’s goal is “Focusing on research, development and manufacture of disposable plastic systems for blood transfusion; becoming a preeminent company in this field.

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    • Company strength

      30 Years focus on safety Blood Transfusion area.

      Since its establishment, it has been dedicating to provide extensive line of high-quality products to the whole world.

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    • Qualification certification

      We have the certificates of CE and ISO13485.

      In accordance with strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and our quality management system, we guarantee the highest standards of product quality. 

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    Tianhe is developing globally

    In accordance with strict GMP  and our quality management system, 

    we guarantee the highest standards of product quality.

    We are exporting to more than 70+ countries and areas with both our own brand and OEM brand.

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